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Services we provide

Personal Chef Services

Chef Peter Miller  will personal come to your home and have an  Assessment Interview to  learn all of your likes and dislikes, as well as allergies and any dietary or special needs you might have.


How Does it Work?

Personal Chef Services includes: customized menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and storing with easy to follow re-heating directions or table-side service is also available in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1:

After an initial phone consultation, we will set up a Personal Assessment Interview where Chef Peter can learn all of your ‘likes & dislikes’ as well as any dietary requirements & or special needs.

Step 2:

From there Chef Peter can design your weekly ‘Palate Specific’ Menus that are delicious and nutritious just for you and your loved ones. Also included in your Personal Assessment interview is going over the storage of your meals, refrigerator and freezer space & kitchen cookware. Chef Peter will bring any kitchen gear you don’t have. or all of it when needed. We also will discuss the frequency of Cook Dates that are ‘Budget Friendly’ to meet your needs. Choices from Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly. All meals are created with Fresh & Organic ingredients. Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Vegetarian, Vegan, & Lactose Free are available for your menu planning.

Step 3:

Finally, we will then schedule our first cook date and establish the number of meals and servings you will prefer and also clarify the frequency of Chef Peter Personal Chef services. (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly as needed).


Fees are based on the amount of Entrées & Servings that best suit your individual & family needs. We are happy to tailor a ‘ plan’ personally for you.

Personal Chef Fees include assessment meeting of your special dietary requirements, customized menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and storage of all your meals with easy to follow re-heating instructions. Services can be Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly & as needed. Please call for pricing.

All meals are created with the freshest ingredients.

The fee ranges from $375-$550 per cook date (not including groceries.)The fee depends on the amount of servings and meals prepared for your dietary needs. And how many lunches and dinners per week will help you .


Personal Chef

Weekly Service


Reclaim your time and create a healthy and affordable alternative to dining out and takeout. Learn more about Personal Chef Peter's service below.




SAVING TIME: Menu planning, Grocery Shopping, Cooking, Storing w/ easy to follow re- heating directions & spotless clean-up.

SPECIAL DIETS: Vegan, Vegetarian, Low Carb, Lactose -Free and Gluten- Free, Paelo, & Organic

MENU PLANNING: Chef Peter Menu plans & researches for Weekly Meals, to match your dietary requirements & favorite cuisine. Specialities: Italian, French, Thai, Asian, & American Comfort Food. All ingredients are freshly purchased and are Organic or Meat is purchased as Grass Fed Raised. Each week you are sent a Menu for the amount of dinners, lunches or snacks want. More often than not , most clients give Chef Peter ‘Carte Blanche’ for Menu Planning as are so pleased with how it matches what they need and want and simply don’t have time to email.

Our Goal: Is we save you Time to just come home to re-heat & eat a delicious & healthy prepared meal.

Chef Peter does all your grocery shopping Organic & Fresh Ingredients.


ASSESMENT MEETING: An in-depth Assessment is set up: to find out your ‘likes & dislikes’ & any allergies. Chef Peter provides an in-depth list of all food groups and spices for you to just cross off your ‘dislikes.’ It assures accurate weekly menu planning for your dietary preferences.


* Reviewing your Kitchen Space and Refrigerator.

* Chef Peter Brings any & or all Kitchen gear you don’t own .

* Storage: All meals are stored with easy to follow re-heating directions in pyrex or if bringing lunch to work in disposable Gladware or Ziploc Containers. Each container is labeled.

* Easy Re-Heating Microwave Directions are typed out each week and left on your counter. (if prefer re-heating stove top those are also included)*

* *Amount of Meals: We will discuss how many lunches, snacks & dinners you need for the week.

*Scheduling: Depending on your budget, you can decide if want the Weekly Plan, Bi- Weekly Plan or Monthly Plan.

* Correspondence to Leads: Home Cooking by Personal Chef Peter Miller Services requires inquires, initial set up & correspondence be directly from the interested recipient.

* Personal Assistants are welcome to set up a direct phone consultation with the client .

* No meetings or appointments for Assessments are booked without direct contact with the paying client in need of service.

Weekly Service

Dinner Parties


Private Dinner Parties in the Comfort of Your Home: Peter Miller Personal Chef Services specialty is designing your 3-5 course dinner party whether platted or buffet.


He specializes in a variety of cuisine choices from American Comfort Food to French, Italian, Asian & Thai Dishes with delicious home-made sauces. Depending on your budget, the Style Service can be Platted, Buffet, or Family Style. Chef Peter is known for creating scrumptious Canapés, Crostini, unique hors-d'oeuvres, & mini plates of bites all passed to each guest by his 5 Star Team Servers. Some dinner party types include:


  • Anniversaries

  • Surprises

  • Themed

  • Out of Towners

  • Celebrities

  • Golf Outings

  • Bar Mitzvahs

  • Costume Parties

What are some things that will affect the cost?


  • Staffing for Dinner Party:

  • Bartender, one-two servers depending on the number of guests, Kitchen Assistant / Server & Dish Washer. Please note: Chef Peter is always happy to work with any household staff if preferred and available.


Rental Organization:

Depending on your dinner party details, we may need to rent Table, Chairs, Linens, Utensils, Decorations and stemware. And also serving platters and serving utensils.


Amount of Guests Served:

Home Cooking by Personal Chef Peter Miller Services does all your menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, platting, and spotless clean up with an impeccable 5 Star Staff up to 30 Guests. To be clear: For 2-8 guests, Chef Peter will cook & serve you with no staff needed. Call today for pricing. 818-789-3156


How Much Do Dinner Parties Cost?

Ranges from $85 – $225 per person pending the number of guests, final menu with its ingredients and amount of staff needed.


Romantic Dinners for Two


Home Cooking by Personal Chef Peter Miller Services offers an impeccable night of exquisite dinning for you and your partner. You get to choose any 4-5 courses of your favorite cuisine to celebrate your special occasion.

Chef Peter invites you for a pampered evening of luxury where your Dining Room becomes the best table in a fine restaurant. We also do brunches. If its your partner’s Anniversary, Birthday, or that special Proposal Dinner let Chef Peter help make you both special guests in your own home.

What I love most about making a Romantic Dinner for Two, is the look of the recipients’ great and utter surprise to find a Chef in their own kitchen making a night to remember gourmet meal. It’s always a lot of fun to see.


Popular for Gift Certificates, & Special Occasions. The Service includes Customized Menu Planning, Grocery Shopping, Groceries, Table-Side Service and Clean Up.




“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with food.” 
Dinner Parties
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